Sunday, December 5, 2010


Grey tinged by scars
Ripened in the dark
Persimmon skies
Enshroud her rise

Trapped in the citadel
I yearn for the fall
Violet bats explode
Light through opal

Oh emperor
Your mind fills this space
Tigers devour
The mind's debris

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Garlic Tormentor

This gauntlet takes armies
My third eye takes the lead
This dead zone consumes seas
Garlic overpowers them


Oblivion in born from me
A maelstrom of poison leaves
The Makyo empowers me
To conquer recklessly


Grey Bats

Onyx seeds will laugh again
Seeking joy to build away
Bronze mountains will breathe again
Keeping strength in a humble head

Promise to find me you will know
When bats burn grey hues you will know


Ashes shed their light
The season's kiss goodbye

Earth consumes the lunar smile
Seas of metal dance for miles

Slowly, dissolving your shine reveals
Gentle, mindful soul

Poems bind to hearts
Ally to the Dark

Taste the sorrow of the king
Royal fruits burn down his seat

Ego changing in grains of rice
Slowly dissolving to your shine

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dark Hollow

Under their thick arms
As the branches scream for light
You are my best friend
And we'll never forget tonight

Orange faces
Melt in fire, their tears are not for you
They're for the spirits
Who'll never forget tonight

The Headless Horseman
Saw my black heart
He ran into the deep abyss
Follow me into the darkness

I hear you breathing
Anticipation is killing me
Your Halloween mask
Is not helping you to see


A javelin of darkness brought by the bats
Blood tattoos armor under moonlit rings
Look at how deep his fangs sink
Look at how strong his body clings

A sliver of kindness on the nape of your neck
Vanity hardens, coating your chest
Look at how good your fortunes lie
Look at how your grace has caught my eye

Shadows of leaves remind her to sway
Forgetting soul, to illuminate
Orange to brittle autumn-baked
This cycle how can we escape?

Letters in precious silver leaf
By angels hands sent to the styx
And how could they just throw it away?
Why should beauty dance with the flames?


Warm willows
Sit in the cold
Air secedes
To our word

Owls guide
A gentle kind
Coronas pierce
Our love to hear

Crystals fall
From resting arms
A Renaissance
Marked by the rose

The night sky
Breathes in her light
Coronas pure
Our love endures

Coronas pure
Our love endures
Coronas pure
Our love endures

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hearts sun-burned by us
Cooled by grey fires
I had no clue of velvet spires, I didn't listen to your advice
When orchids reach from wrinkly eyes, that love would paint these shallow skies
Magenta erupts into the east, Our terracotta army
The suns fiery blaze surrrenders to, The purple hands that held you

Hands held you
Hands held you

Rest in our shade
We made a promise from this day
Quiet from the cloud's sympathies
Stay with me

Monday, October 11, 2010

October Spurns

Amber's roots traps her fruit
October spurns the lanterns

Pumpkin's cry as you take flight
Gargoyles die but you are a star in my eyes

The fall's winds pass my tears to sand
Bats surround your words to me

Pour your sorrows in a light golden
Tell me all your secrets before the end

Pearl's Dust

Angels are charmed all their lives pearls ignite
Demons are molded in garnet necklaces
Grey smoke cloaks us, Pearls emerge as our souls dust

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The crown of a phantom's sorrows
Belies travel through its hollows
Scorpion's tails numb the wise and meek
Sound of the guillotine

Bats on this moonless night
Patterns deceive the foolish kind
Consumed by your own mind
Let jade comfort your tired eyes

Rivers of my memory
Pour drowning my valleys
This cold traps me with knives of ice
Left to my own device

Leave me on this moonless night
Travels of the foolish kind
Let jade shade the sun into green
Fall of the guillotine

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Honey Tears

Sleep through starlight wild,
Sleep with summer's trials

Water flows over mistakes have dried,
Honey drenched in silver Her tears have cried

As temples float caressed with hope
Pours with the winds of bliss

The ships reflect Her lantern neck
Illuminates Her kiss

And though I wanted to I wanted you to bear the sun
And though I wasn't there I wasn't there I was still in your heart

Sleep with Our smile

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Come back

Come back my angel, bathe with me, in the black tar, by the movies
i'll play your harp we'll get some vietnmese, back to your place, tomato rice and cheese
in the car garage, in the back trunk, it'sso hot, under blankets
using sonar, can you find me? lost inside, your red sea

let my blood touch your feather
you cu my skin with your wings
let these pearls travel wherever they go

no come back come back
no come back come back

Fake Heart

Here i go i lie pumping thru the day in my artificial heart
here i say hi and give off an appropriate smile to the boss who is so smart
fuel me up again, with the vital fuids and dont forget the receipt
kick the gear up to the maximum speed of 85 or just shoot me

naw just kidding i love competing against him
all these things tally how i am more infinitely fit
im kinda tired think i'll get my scheduled 6 hour sleep

Spiral Nutcase

I never said i never said i never said i would, dragged to the depths with all the pests inside the haunted zoo, they're all laughing now, howlin and barking now
i feel the gravel of its voice tearing up my soul,a cold metal bar lodged inside explodes, it's very humbling, im very humbled now

slipped right by my eyes
i hide inside
if i ever if i ever ever made a sound,it was grabbed tortured maimed in the underground, they're quoting me now, putting words in my mouth
don't u ever dont u ever ever let it show, exteriors say a lot to people dont u know, they're too shallow now, im too shallow now
slipped right by my eyes, i hide inside
slipped right by my eyes

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The cars rush like the sea, my plastic insanity, fake grass squares meet,around the mass of concrete, the lights pollution hits my face, probably never ending, under my shoes and feet, a mountain of sludge the sky i see, this apple traveled from afar, a million gazillion yards apart, but hey i had the cash that time,and i didn't really have the time, this system doesn't work for me, but it's so hard to change you see, i've felt the warmth of your big fridge, how could i leave it in the ditch
people always say what they know but they never let it come into their holes

so many at that salon, outer beauty being worked on, but little do those dummies know, that inside they have no soul, they put on shiny five inch nails, and touch everything that wags its tail, but little do those dummies know, their nails harbor a nasty growth

people always say what they know but they never let it come into their holes

in clowntown

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You absorb everything, words are fruits eaten
When you speak, you are not
His thought, you channel

You're a soulstealer
Always eating
You're a soulstealer
Always eating

You carry disease, asymptomatic unseen
Ideas copies and not
Original Thought

You're a soulstealer
Always eating
You're a soulstealer
Always eating

Raging Education

A betterment of situation, you ungrateful piece of lip

The engines of school, buses burn up, to your enjoyment

Monotonous, fluourescent, your challenge will be gone

The engines of school, buses burn up, to your enjoyment

the bomb threats on campus burn up, you flare on fire, victorious

Nervous Heat

All alone, crossed my heart, on bridges torn a soft alarm
A shallow wall, between my skull, the beating of nervous heat

turn to me, don't judge me

Between these bones a tired soul, don' take me personally

turn to me, don't judge me

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lady in the River

These hands were made to carve
Your shape in my desire
These teeth were made to eat
Flesh burned in the fire

Stained with the blood of vultures
I am victorious
Coated in gold and thorns
I have chosen me

But you love
You love
You love
You love this

A feast of grapes and apples
I couldn't help myself
How can I feel better?
A slave to this wealth

But you love
You love
You love
You love this

Cleanse me of this poison
Pull me out of this
The lady in the river
Rip apart this abyss

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Gathered from ashes under stone
Rooted from the earth for our home
Carried away from its origin a price to its soul

It's beautiful
This onyx shard
And for you
Your doom

The darkened air breathed into my heart
Obsidian cuts through us all

It's beautiful
This onyx shard
And for you
Your doom

Your hands bleed
You power-hungry beast
Your hands bleed
You power-hungry beast

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ivory Petals

Open fields, pastures grow, they never yield
Our waves, push the ground, Away

Owls guide to our nest of pines
So we sight, to the foghorn's light

Your Soul I see
Let our angels dance
You beckon me
To our home our land

Roses pave, as you make way, ivory petals sway
Up the path, your parents tread, Away

Pink clouds set on this moment
Our promise, so glorious

Your Soul I see
Let our angels dance
You beckon me
To our home our land

Monday, February 15, 2010


lyric for my boo

Weathered thru the acid rain
The state is here once again
This power, desire fades away
What's keeping me from leaving this place?

Comets Die stars implode
together we'll freeze and hold our own
Your roots are deeply cemented in my heart
Don't let them die let them grow

I will be loyal to you
I will always be true
I love you bad
You're the best I've ever had

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Withered Stone

Red tears, flow follow the marble
Incense, floats with the remnants
My soul, shivers upwards as your light rises

Engraved in my blood
Your scriptures live on
Engraved in my blood
Your scriptures live on