Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hearts sun-burned by us
Cooled by grey fires
I had no clue of velvet spires, I didn't listen to your advice
When orchids reach from wrinkly eyes, that love would paint these shallow skies
Magenta erupts into the east, Our terracotta army
The suns fiery blaze surrrenders to, The purple hands that held you

Hands held you
Hands held you

Rest in our shade
We made a promise from this day
Quiet from the cloud's sympathies
Stay with me

Monday, October 11, 2010

October Spurns

Amber's roots traps her fruit
October spurns the lanterns

Pumpkin's cry as you take flight
Gargoyles die but you are a star in my eyes

The fall's winds pass my tears to sand
Bats surround your words to me

Pour your sorrows in a light golden
Tell me all your secrets before the end

Pearl's Dust

Angels are charmed all their lives pearls ignite
Demons are molded in garnet necklaces
Grey smoke cloaks us, Pearls emerge as our souls dust

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The crown of a phantom's sorrows
Belies travel through its hollows
Scorpion's tails numb the wise and meek
Sound of the guillotine

Bats on this moonless night
Patterns deceive the foolish kind
Consumed by your own mind
Let jade comfort your tired eyes

Rivers of my memory
Pour drowning my valleys
This cold traps me with knives of ice
Left to my own device

Leave me on this moonless night
Travels of the foolish kind
Let jade shade the sun into green
Fall of the guillotine