Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Garlic Tormentor

This gauntlet takes armies
My third eye takes the lead
This dead zone consumes seas
Garlic overpowers them


Oblivion in born from me
A maelstrom of poison leaves
The Makyo empowers me
To conquer recklessly


Grey Bats

Onyx seeds will laugh again
Seeking joy to build away
Bronze mountains will breathe again
Keeping strength in a humble head

Promise to find me you will know
When bats burn grey hues you will know


Ashes shed their light
The season's kiss goodbye

Earth consumes the lunar smile
Seas of metal dance for miles

Slowly, dissolving your shine reveals
Gentle, mindful soul

Poems bind to hearts
Ally to the Dark

Taste the sorrow of the king
Royal fruits burn down his seat

Ego changing in grains of rice
Slowly dissolving to your shine

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dark Hollow

Under their thick arms
As the branches scream for light
You are my best friend
And we'll never forget tonight

Orange faces
Melt in fire, their tears are not for you
They're for the spirits
Who'll never forget tonight

The Headless Horseman
Saw my black heart
He ran into the deep abyss
Follow me into the darkness

I hear you breathing
Anticipation is killing me
Your Halloween mask
Is not helping you to see


A javelin of darkness brought by the bats
Blood tattoos armor under moonlit rings
Look at how deep his fangs sink
Look at how strong his body clings

A sliver of kindness on the nape of your neck
Vanity hardens, coating your chest
Look at how good your fortunes lie
Look at how your grace has caught my eye

Shadows of leaves remind her to sway
Forgetting soul, to illuminate
Orange to brittle autumn-baked
This cycle how can we escape?

Letters in precious silver leaf
By angels hands sent to the styx
And how could they just throw it away?
Why should beauty dance with the flames?


Warm willows
Sit in the cold
Air secedes
To our word

Owls guide
A gentle kind
Coronas pierce
Our love to hear

Crystals fall
From resting arms
A Renaissance
Marked by the rose

The night sky
Breathes in her light
Coronas pure
Our love endures

Coronas pure
Our love endures
Coronas pure
Our love endures